The LiveLight Project

Free Dynamic DIY Backlightning Solution

People around the world have been building their own versions of the Philips Ambilight system for their home ciname, usually connected to a computer via USB or serial.

I started developing my own version and after months of designing and testing I was ready to publish my prototype: The LiveLight USB Interface.
Project soon got a lots of interest on forums and related websites. The LiveLight Project was born.

You are now reading projects official website in which you will find all the info you need to build a fully configurable ambient lighting system for your Home Cinema or PC!

Windows 10 compatible, integrates with Kodi and is truly user configurable.



Dynamic back-lighting reduces eye strain, visibility of LCD backlight leaks of and it greatly enhances pictures colour, contrast and size appearance.

Larger illuminated-surface also creates more immerse viewing experience when viewing in other ways dark room.

Easy to build


LiveLight is designed to be built by end-user.

You will need basic tools, AVR programmer and a little electronics know-how.

You can order circuit boards online or you can make it yourself, design is available in the downloads section!

Open Source


When everyone has access to source materials, the product can easily be built to match someone's personal tastes and specifications. This also enables software development as a community!

Hardware is easily programmed via ISP.

Complete coolness enhancement

LiveLight is the best home-brew ambient lighting system that I have came across. Why you should pay over 500$ extra for a good dynamic back-lighting in a TV when you can build better, fully user-configurable system yourself for much cheaper. Get the best out of your home-theatre experience without sacrificing picture quality or money, build yourself a LiveLight!
- Henri Rantanen, LiveLight Head developer


This project is open and free. It still cost us money to maintain the site. If you are willing to help, donations are accepted with PayPal or Bitcoin. Any help would be appriciated.

Bitcoin: 17ckqjQ5oYys1Px4ajVHX8EPeVjfxFrfsh

Site developement

Welcome to our site! It not anymore under active development but it is still maintained.

Send us a message if you spot an error!

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