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  Jan 15. 2012            by Henri Rantanen

LiveLight Gallery


Have you built yourself a LiveLight system? Would you like to have pictures of your setup on the livelight site?

Well, we are building a gallery for users systems! Send us your nickname and pictures at gallery(at)!

In the other, unrelated topic; Heres new firmware with various bug-fixes! Now you can turn the backlight completely off when you quit BobLight and watch-dog timer will not reset the module every second...

  Jan 8. 2012            by Henri Rantanen

LiveLight Assembly guide


Congratulations! You too have made it into 2012!

LiveLight Shop has been added. Easier way to get yourself the circuit board! Right now we are running low on them but more has been ordered.

Also, I have written you a short manual about how do I assemble the LiveLight USB Interface. Check it out, it might be helpful!

Guide for programming and assembling the full system will come later.

In the meantime: here you go!


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